An comprehensive eye exam performed by a Doctor of Optometry is an important part of preventative health care.

It might be contrasted with a physical for the eye since it looks entire eye and visual structure, as well as prescriptions.
Comprehensive eye exams can recognize eye afflictions and dissipates, for instance, glaucoma, cascades, retinal partitions and macular degeneration, and what's more other essential medicinal issues, for instance, diabetes and hypertension.

A thorough adult eye examination may join, anyway isn't limited to the going with tests (an individual patient's giving hints and signs, nearby the master judgment of the Optometrist, may out and out effect the testing done.
Understanding the different components comprising a comprehensive eye exam can help alleviate some of the confusion and ensure you receive a thorough exam.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Visual Acuity Test

Visual acuity is a core test, typically performed at the beginning of the exam. A standardized Snellen chart is placed or projected on the wall 20 feet away.

Slit Lamp Exam

This is a common test performed during a comprehensive eye exam. The head is placed in the chin rest of the slit lamp and the patient looks inside while the device meticulously scans the eyes.

Visual Field Test

An eye doctor often uses a visual field test to check central and peripheral (side) vision. A common method is to hold up one or two fingers or a small disc on a stick.

Refractive Error Test

A device called a phoroptor or refractor is a quick means of determining refractive error and obtaining an accurate eyeglass prescription.

Tonometry (Puff Test)

Tonometry is the measurement in mmHG of the intraocular pressure (IOP) inside the eye, which is elevated in people with glaucoma. The most common method for eye exam is known as the puff or air puff test.

Eye Muscle Testing

During an ocular motility test, the head is kept still and the slow movement of a handheld light or other target is followed with only the eyes.

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