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The Eye Destination is Rajasthan’s Biggest Optical Store not only in terms of Size but the number of brand it carries. It’s a buffet of more than 150 international & national brands. The Eye Destination is an exclusive dealer in Rajasthan to house brands like Cartier, Maybach, Crome Hearts, Bentley, Gucci and many more. Whether is Prada, Bvlgari, Mont Blanc, Jimmy Choo, Tom Ford or Rayban…
You name a brand and we have it! And all that too also at very competitive pricing and amazing service support. Our team of qualified Sales Consultants not only gives you what suits you but also has immense knowledge and experience to suggest you glasses & lenses according to your profession, occasion and usage. Right from Powered Swimming Goggles to Computer Gaming Glasses to Your Golf or running glasses we make them all. The Eye Destination presents you a bouquet of more than 2000 glasses & sunglasses in its wonderful display.

The Eye Destination is a part of Maharwal Optical Co Group who’s name is synonymous with Quality for more than 35 years in this Business. We maintain highest levels of accuracy and precision in crafting your glasses with our state of art technology and equipments such as Laser Cut fitting machines, Visio Office2 etc.

Being the only Platine Partner of world famous essilor lenses The Eye Destination gets many world class essilor products and coatings like Crizal SafireUV, Crizal Essidrive & Varilux Ultra to name a few. The Eye Destination also happens to be the only Certified Premium Dealer of another world famous brand “RAYBAN” which gives us exclusivity to have the latest range much before it’s opened to the market.

Gone are the days when you were told that you have to get adjusted to the new glasses. The Eye Destination presents exclusive range of Eye Code Lenses both in single vision and progressive multifocals for its customers which not only takes care of the centration but also takes into account n number of parameters before making your glasses. Your Head Eye Ratio, Facial wrap, Dominant Eye, Reading Distance, Head Tilt to name a few.

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