How Eye Destination Become Biggest Optical Store In Jaipur?

The Eye Destination is Rajasthan’s Biggest Optical Store not only in terms of Size but the number of brand it carries. It’s a buffet of more than 150 international & national brands. The Eye Destination is an exclusive dealer in Rajasthan to house brands like Cartier, Maybach, Crome Hearts, Bentley, Gucci and many more.
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Customer Satisfaction

ED team focus on customer satisfaction and experience, and its rank as the most trusted optical store in Jaipur.


Exclusive dealer in Rajasthan to house brands like Cartier, Maybach, Crome Hearts, Bentley, Gucci and many more.

Eye Care

One the same roof, ED provide world-class comprehensive eye examination under the supervision of experienced doctors.

Genuine Products

Sometimes it is hard to spot the original as the logos appear same, but at ED we only deal in 100% Genuine Products.

More saving, more shopping.

That’s the power of The Eye Destination.

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Product Range

ED provides a wide range of sunglasses, spectacles and contact lenses.


Choose from the huge collection of Sunglasses. Select your style from shades and goggles various designs.

Eye Glasses

Buy Rimless, Half Rim & Full Rim Frames for Eyeglasses at India's Best Online Shopping Store.

Contact Lenses

Whether a professional, athlete or a fitness freak, We provide contact lenses for everyone to enhance your performance with better vision and greater stability.

Brands we offer

Eye Destination serves more than 65 top brands.

Client testimonials

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.
The name actually speaks “the 👁 destination “ it’s one stop for all queries to spectacle or sunglasses.
I m amazed to see such a big destination for eye gear.
I wear spectacles since 20 years but this time they provide me great quality glasses 👓 the vision is Cristal clear.
Thanks for your great service.👍

Anuj Modi

The best place for any optical advice or buying optical equipment. Very good sales team who dealt with us in a very polite and informative manner. Spectacular range of spectacles ranging from very very cost effective to the best in world. We can also rely on them with trust for eyesight of our kids.

Ajay Mathur

Eye Destination, an ideal place to select spects of your choice from a very wide range available. Eye testing is done by well qualified persons with latest equipments. Staff is well groomed and they satisfied you fully.

SS Singhvi